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why alex? 

  • Alex is not only a DJ. He is also an artist. He is releasing his OWN music, and also produces and songwriter for other artists

  • Alex will drive his following to YOU. HE has hundreds of thousands of followers online. He will be mentioning YOUR brand with his social media. 

  • Market visits/show availability

  • His mixes are dope. 

how is the show delivered?

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show info

  • A weekly 4 hour MIX-SHOW featuring the most popular music in the format presented in a fun and fresh way

  • Turnkey roll-out for PDs and MDs

  • Available via Barter via YEA! Networks

  • Innovative DJ mixes including fun mashups, tik tok trending songs, and Alex’s personal remixes

  • Funny, insightful and relatable takes on the news and celebrity gossip that matters to the demo

  • PPM friendly clock designed to keep the music and content moving to maximize TSL and boost ratings

  • Lucrative LIVE sponsorship opportunities

  • In-Show segments designed to engage listeners and generate sponsorship

  • revenue

  • Show is available in two versions, HOSTED and NON HOSTED.  (non hosted version gives you exact times for your local talent to lay in their voice parts) 

  • Music is Top 40/CHR or HIP HOP/Rhythmic Music. 

  • Show is customizable for YOUR brand, and Alex will deliver as many local lines as you need to make the show sound like your own.  

  • The show can be aired anytime on your radio station. You can also break up the segments, and use as a "mix show" for your other shows.

  • The show is white labeled “in the mix” and purposefully set up to sound generic so that YOU can call the show whatever you wish, to cater to your station.  For example- you may call it the “_______ Saturday night Party where we go IN THE MIX with Alex Angelo”.  You can run imaging around the show to make sound like YOU wish, then Alex will say “in the mix” inside the show


Show is delivered in 9 segments each week via FTP. Can be setup to automatically import into your automation system. 


  • Seg 1 - 12 Minutes                                          

  • Seg 2-  24 Minutes 

  • Seg 3 - 24 Minutes

  • Seg 4 - 24 Minutes

  • Seg 5-  24 minutes

  • Seg 6 - 24 Minutes

  • Seg 7 - 24 Minutes

  • Seg 8 - 24 Minutes

  • Seg 9 - 12 Minutes

Clocks below


8 local commercial breaks, 6 minutes long each.  

4 minutes an hour of network inventory delivered by Westwood One. 


chr demo

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show clocks

Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 8.36.36 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 8.36.36 PM.jpg

rhythm demo

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bio  | pics 

example cue sheet

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Screen Shot 2021-06-28 at 8.44.36 PM.jpg
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bio  |    pics

Cue sheets will be delivered with each week's show. 

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