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Can I make more than one video? 


Can my friends and I make a video together? 

Yes.  We reccomend only posting the video on TikTok once, then one of you submit the entry.  This prize is for you and your friends, so have fun.  You will need to fight over who gets the pizza delivered to their house.  

Do I need to have a TikTok account? 

For this challenge, yes.  

How will you pick the winner? 


We will keep track of the links that are submitted for the contest, and whoever gets the most views, wins!  If we suspect any cheating, that submission will be disqualified.  This is at our discretion, and all determinations on this made by us are final. 


Why do you need to be in the US? 


Delivering Pizza to someone in another country could get expensive. 


Can I still make a video for fun, even know I am in another country? 


YES!  We would love that.  You just can't win unfortunately.  



We will be adding more questions/answers here as we go.  Good Luck! 

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