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School Dance Info

Important info and things to consider: 

  • Alex is not a typical DJ that you would hire for a school dance. Typically, you get a DJ that will be there for the whole event playing music, and sometimes kids will dance... sometimes they won't.   

  • Alex's typical sets for high school dances are two hours.   Why?   Because this is more of a high-intensity concert-like atmosphere.  This is NOT a boring DJ that will just stand behind a table all night.  Alex is engaged, dancing, and the audience is moving the entire time.  It's challenging for anyone to go for more than two hours for this kind of performance.  

  • We CAN provide a playlist for you to play before Alex.  This playlist can include whatever you would like - as long as it's NOT things that Alex will be playing during his set.   Typically, we play things that are pop-heavy, and also the fun "dance" songs like the Wobble, Cha Cha Slide, etc.  

  • Music: All songs that Alex plays are clean, and edited versions of music.  He will not play anything that the kids won't hear on broadcast radio stations.  However, we cannot control what the kids say, scream, sing, yell. 

  • We don't have a "playlist" or "setlist" that we can provide prior to the event.  Alex is creating his set while he is performing.  He will go where the kids want to go "in the moment".   If something isn't working- he changes it up to make sure they are enjoying the experience as much as possible.  While we don't have a playlist, we can provide you with references from other schools, teachers, administrators upon request. 

  • We make every attempt to plan out EVERYTHING before the night of your event.  Things like... Announcements, prom court,  any special requests, etc.. everything is planned out PRIOR so when the night happens, there should be no surprises for anyone. 

  • Slow songs:  Alex doesn't play slow songs when he is dj'ing.  This doesn't mean that he can't.  If your students would like some slow songs,  we need to know exactly WHAT slow songs and when?   Options: You could play them during the playlist time before Alex starts DJ'ing, or he can take a ten minute break in the middle of his 2 hour set and play the slow songs there.  The most important thing is to plan ahead. If we don't plan ahead, we can't make this adjustment on the fly. 

  • Requests:  Again.. this really isn't like a regular DJ situation.  His set is more of a performance.  Most of the time, the stuff that people request - he is planning on playing.  What we CAN do if you would like, have your students get together BEFORE the event and make a LONG list of requests.  He will do his best to include as many as he can into the set he creates for your event.  We will also try and put a bunch of them into the "playlist" portion of the night before he starts. 

  • Make sure your students know what's happening.  Let them know WHEN Alex will start.  It's not typical -  So if they are at the event, and see an empty DJ booth at homecoming, they could be thinking... "What is going on here!?"  Let them know.  IF they know what's coming up-  they will "get" it faster.  

  • Timing... sometimes, it's good leave some time at the end for kids to hang, get pics, etc.   Example:  If a Prom is from 7-11.   You might wanna have Alex's 2 hour set go from 8:30-10:30.  It will get things started earlier, and give them an opportunity to meet Alex at the end.  He loves hanging and meeting people.   We could even play some music in that last half hour... 10:30-11.   

  • We always have an opportunity to bring in MORE bells and whistles.  We have relationships with sound/lighting companies. The goal here is to create a "concert-like" club atmosphere.  The more lights, sound, smoke, lasers, etc the better.  Our standard package includes basic lighting and sound.  We have some awesome relationships with production companies that can truly cater a package that fits your event even better.  For example:  for only $500 more-  we can bring in several more "moving" concert lights.  It will transform your space. 

  • Video:  We also have the capability to create a 1-2 minute highlight reel of your event for an additional fee.  This will be a professional quality video that you will have within 24 hours of your event.  We can upload it to a site that you can give to ALL of your students for them to share on their social media accounts. This is an upgrade - contact for pricing/availability. 

  • Set-up:  Our setup usually takes 90 minutes, and we would like to get access to the venue earlier in the day.  Someone will be back at the beginning of your event to make sure the playlist is set.  Alex will likely not arrive to the venue until he is scheduled to start DJ'ing. 

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