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Alex Angelo

Meet Alex

  • 23 years old. Born in Florida. Grew up in Ohio. Lives in Nashville. 

  • Danced, and DJ'd for NBA team, Cleveland Cavaliers

  • Mom is a music teacher. His dad works in radio. 

  • Worked for Radio Disney as a teen.  

  • Toured with Austin Mahone, Shawn Mendes, Fifth Harmony, Jake Miller, and others. 

  • Signed to a production deal with industry legend - Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds at age 17. 

  • Shared a choreographer with Chris Brown in Los Angeles.

  • Has a nationally syndicated mix show on CHR and Hip Hop Stations across the country called IN THE MIX

  • Senior in college - (business) 

  • Has pub deal in 2023 with Symphonic Music - expires at end of 2024. 

  • Writes and produces. 

  • Has released both pop, and pop country as an artist. 

  • Releasing new music every 5 weeks as an independent artist, Symphonic for distro. 

  • 2023 NSAI songwriter competition finalist. 

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